Invest in the Future

Eclipse Digital Assets combines the collective experience of long-term Digital entrepreneurs with established traditional finance experts & principals to create the most compelling investment packages available in the marketplace. 

Why Choose Us?

We built the safest possible fund to get into Digital Currency!

Our primary services are stable coin staking and a variety of offered tiers based on risk level. We believe we offer the safest way for our clients to gain cryptocurrency exposure.

Earn Interest

We take the intial investment and convert it to stable coins.

Reinvest Into Speculative Digital Assets

At Eclipse Digital Assets we offer 3 different portfolio options composed of Bitcoin, Ethereum, Black Dragon Deals, and more! 

Provide opportunities for Private Assets Investments

Eclipse Digital Assets will also be offering private capital investments in the future, such as real estate, private equity, private debt, and more!

Eclipse Digital Assets by the Numbers

Proven Investment Strategies
Number of Advisors
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Combined Years Experience
*Averaged yearly return over a 5 year period and all risk tiers. Future performance is not guaranteed