An All Encompassing Firm

At Eclipse Digital Assets, we strive for perfection. As part of that dynamic, we offer a wide variety of services to our clients.  We do this to make sure that no matter what level of experience you have with Digital or what your risk/reward ratios are, you can achieve the financial returns you’ve been yearning for. 

Services We Offer:

Stablecoin Lending

Stablecoins have been an integral part of risk management in decentralized finance. Many investors in cryptocurrency often overlook stablecoins due to a contrarian stance on fiat currencies in general. That being said, recent macroeconomic down turns have brought even the most extreme contrarians to see the value of stablecoins and even embrace their utility. In this section, we will explore stablecoins that we see fit to manage, platforms that we see fit to utilize stablecoins, platforms that we will actively avoid utilizing, and elaborate on how we make money through stablecoin yields within decentralized finance.


Digital Currency Wealth Managment

At Eclipse, we offer three different portfolio tranches to cover the risk profile for all different types of investors.Our risk portfolios include various stratification of such assets as Bitcoin,Cardano,Ethereum.Our approach is dynamically in-flowing funds in moments of asymmetric information to offer us highest yields within a reasonable measure of beta.

Cross sector hedging and investing in the crypto subsector allows for exposure to the softness and volatility that otherwise would be unfathomable in more liquid, matured market. As these markets age in both liquidity and experience, the yield exploitable will serve as a proper asymmetrical hedge to commodities, traditional finance, and matured market indices.

    1. dynamically inflowing funds in moments of asymmetric information to offer us highest yields within a reasonable measure of beta

Eclipse Dashboard

Our client portal is unparalleled. These won’t just be arbitrary numbers we’re showing you- every number displayed will be calculated and verifiable onchain. Your performance, the assets you own, how much you’re making year to year, the security of your initial investment, and more! The beauty of blockchain is that everything onchain is verifiable- with Eclipse we make that information accessible and easy to understand. We want you to know your money is safe at all times, accessible 24/7, with customer support available with the touch of a button

Simple Scan

If you’ve ever had exposure to services like etherscan, you know they’re complicated. Making an onchain transaction creates a “transaction hash” that is verifiable onchain. These transactions look like hieroglyphics to most people! Through Eclipses client portal you’ll be able to view all transactions related to your account on-chain through SimpleScan, making it easier than ever before to read blockchain transactions.


SafeRamp is our inhouse onboarding service which makes it easy and safe to bring your investment into the crypto ecosystem. Your investment moves through a verification process via our accounts with Morgan Stanley, Moneywire, or our corporate accounts with Coinbase or Kraken. The goal of SafeRamp is to get your money into the safety of USDC stablecoin, earn interest, and use that interest to grow your account through tiered packages of your choosing. These packages offer varieties of risk exposure and volatility based on your personal strategy. They say crypto is volatile- volatility works both ways. For those seeking aggressive growth, we pride ourselves on having access to cutting edge projects before they’ve made it public. Those looking for a balanced growth strategy, we also have seasoned knowledge regarding Digital blue chips. And those seeking low risk growth can fine tune this to their desire. We protect your initial investment- the interest earned through our knowledge of stablecoin is your capital multiplier.